our day

Woke up.
Read books- Curious George Flies a Kite and a chapter in Paddington Bear.
Got dressed.
Made chocolate chip pancakes.
Did our maze books.
Played with trucks.
Made Strawberry Muffins.
Made a garbage dump with the new dump truck.
Cleaned out our junk drawer and found some lost treasures.
Played the Sausage Game (This is a made up game where the boys try to be sneaky and catch Gritty to "eat" her before the sausage lady catches them) not sure how I got nicknamed the sausage lady:)
Ate strawberry muffins for lunch! 2 each.
Played Ants in the Pants game.
Read a new book: Tops and Bottoms.
Had a snack- bread with honey and cheese, cranberries, nectarines and bananas.
Took Gritty for a walk. Landon rode his scooter.
Played in sandbox.
Showered before dinner.
Ate Parmesan Crusted Chicken with risotto and broccoli. One of our favorite dinners.
Read books with dad.
Another good day at home.

1 comment:

  1. The pancakes look delicious. And then strawberry muffins. I wish I lived at you house. How the boys are mastering their skills. What a wonderful job you are doing Rose. XXXXOOOO


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