life's curriculum

I had a conversation with someone I met at a picnic this past weekend. Pretty much the same conversation I have had with people whenever I say we homeschool. The question: Is there a curriculum?

Well, there could be. I could sit down with them every day and do the typical letters and numbers but that is the very reason we did not send them to school. We learn through our every day actions. We bake- therefore we use numbers to measure. We read- and learn about words, what they mean and how to use them correctly. We play and learn how to interact with one another. You get the idea.

We are life learners. How many times have you wanted to know how to make a certain recipe or learn a new skill? What do you do? Maybe get a book from the library or do some Internet research. You try it until you figure it out. Eric and I have done this with numerous things we now know how to do. So why does it have to be any different for children. It doesn't. It's not.

Both Landon and William learn something new everyday. Be it from a book we read, a trip we go on, their own adventures in the backyard, or their little experiments they like to try. Sometimes even from a show they watch with Eric.(Dirty Jobs is their favorite)

So I say our curriculum is LIFE.

It's a pretty good one too.


  1. Yep. Although I cringe now when the homeschool question comes up. I feel like grilling them on public school...

  2. No better way to learn and no better teachers than mom and dad. Glad you are persuing this curriculum. XXXOOO


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