Muffin Mania

Muffins! How we love them! Therefore, we try at least once a week to test out a new recipe. The boys love to bake and of course the tasting is the best part. Today was a Raspberry Corn Muffin from a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. It was a simply delicious corn muffin with raspberry preserves exploding out of it. That was the fun part. William compared it to a volcano exploding. Landon liked pushing the cake tip into the muffin and then squeezing out the preserves. It was a sticking gooey mess that was yummy to lick off your hands. A great activity for a rainy day.
We then followed it up with a little dancing. Daddy creates some pretty awesome play lists that we can rock out to.

A nice quiet activity to the end the day. Family drawing. Everyone picks a topic, then each person draws that subject for a few minutes before moving on. I got the idea from SouleMama. It was fun to see how everyone drew the same thing but differently. I can see the changes in the way both William and Landon are drawing these days. There ideas: William- sky, sun. Landon- hiking, moon. Mama- rain, favorite food. Daddy- boys playing soccer. Daddy walked in just as we were finishing up. They were thrilled to see daddy. He has been working late the past two nights.
Another good day!


  1. That''s a cool idea. We usually paint together, actually we burned out on art during the winter. I have a feeling that we won't be doing that anytime soon.

  2. They look so good I can almost taste them! The boys look wonderful. How very big boy they appear. How can they grow so quickly. Make the clock stand still for a few minutes won't you. XXXOOO


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