William asked Mama and Landon to come along to Nature class.
We picked a great day. They learned how to fish.
After a short discussion on the types of fish that may be in the pond they went on a hunt for worms.
Once the bamboo pole was ready they baited the hook and dropped the line in. After only a few minutes to every ones surprise there was a fish biting. It was a Pumpkin Seed fish. Really quite beautiful. Everyone had a chance to touch it and then we let it go.
This class has been a lot of fun. William has had such a great time and has met some new friends that he really enjoys being with. He is ready for the next session to start(it won't be until the fall). I also love the fact that they let Landon join in for a bit.


  1. How very proud we are of Landon holding a worm, something Grammy has yet to do but Grampy has done repeatedly, and how proud we are of William for his catch of the day and holding it too. Something Grammy has never done but Grampy has done repeatedly also. XXXOOO


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