Field Trip Friday

A field trip was calling us today. William chose our destination. Kid City! A fun place filled with colorful rooms to let your imaginations take over.

Under the Sea

Drivers Beware

The Fish Room

This room was a favorite. The boys loved collecting the fish, sorting by colors, sending it up the conveyor belt. Maybe one day we will have some fisherman in our family.

Outer Space Room


We've been here several times before and they still love going. We decided to purchase their year long membership. Not only is it good for Kid City but 160 across the United States, including 5 close to home.


  1. hey - i love the name you picked! I look forward to following your blog. See you on monday

  2. Oh how I love field trips and the boys seem to also. What fun things you do with your children. Aren't they fortunate to have such a wonderful mom? Thank you Rose for all your lovely mothering and the grand home you provide for three very special men in my life. XXXOOO


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