All Is Well

Ahhh, what a difference life is when you are feeling well. I actually woke up early which is one of my New Years goals. We snuggled , read, dressed, ate and left the house today all without any frustration or rush.

Of course William was super excited for today. He has been counting down the days on his new calendar. It was the first day of his outdoor nature class, a.k.a. "Wildseeds".

They spent the day outside playing games, hiking the woods and tracking animals. I couldn't get him to stop talking about it when we picked him up.

So what did Landon and I do?

We went to the consignment shop and browsed for some goodies. Landon bought a book for 5 cents.

I found a surprise for William.

While in Florida William tried to help Grammy with her Sudoku. He was really into it. By chance yesterday, when Peter Pan was finished I happened to notice that there are games on the bonus material. One of the games was Sudoku. It started out with a small grid and eventually became the real size. I watched as he intently figured out the answers. I was amazed.

I mentioned to Eric last night how it would be neat to find one for William.
Hence my excitement when I found this!
Can't wait until tomorrow when he tries it out.

As for the rest of our day , sigh. We spent 2 hours in the library finding tons of books and books on CD.

Then home for some play, dinner, stories and sleep.


  1. Yay for feeling better and for a super great day!

  2. Marlin was really into sodoku for a while and enjoyed these:

    You had a great day!

  3. Wonderful find. I have been looking for Sodoku for kids and have not found anything. Isn't it grand to have found the Sodoku of all time. Can't wait for William's reaction. Grammy will help with Sodoku tips. Love, XXXOOO


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