Old Friends

Today we spent the morning cleaning,

the afternoon cooking, and

the evening with friends.

Friends Eric and I have known for most of our lives.

It had been a while since we have seen one another and the first time some of our children actually met.

The boys welcomed the children into our home and shared their toys wonderfully.

9 kids (6 boys, 3 girls) running, playing , laughing all in our tiny little house.

There was harmony and peace.

The adults visited just like it was yesterday.

We reminisced about old times and discussed those yet to come.

Dear friends, thanks for coming and being a part of our lives.

A night to be grateful for. Times to be cherished.

Tears were shed because it had to end.

But there will be more............

1 comment:

  1. Good friends are to be cherished. And you my dear, do that very well. So glad you could enjoy them as you did. Love, XXXOOO


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