So Where Were We?

We spent the week skiing and had a blast. We skied several days together and then the boys went to ski camp. William went for two days and had a race at the end. Landon only made it through one day. That was such an accomplishment since he has never been in a setting without someone from our family.
I am grateful for that day because Eric and I spent the day skiing together. The first time in 8 years that we really skied. I mean not just the easy trails. It was great!

Now the week of Eric off ends and that is a bummer. If only we were independently wealthy. We really love having daddy home. Sigh

I'll post the actually skiing pictures tomorrow. Promise!

1 comment:

  1. Nothing like a vacation to enjoy life as a family and nothing like getting back to bring reality into focus. I wish you all could be together every day too. Life would be so sweet. I think that's what farmers do. Love, XXXOOO


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