I tried something new this week.

We have a little table in the kitchen that we use for things here and there. This week I decided to put something out and keep it out all week. (We usually have to take a project out and then put it away because our main table we use for arts, crafts, etc. is also where we eat.)
Something that the boys could do easily do themselves whenever the urge hit them.

So we took out these cool little paints that my sister, the boys' Auntie Linda, gave them for Christmas.
They are called Paintastics by Elmers glue. They are self contained paintbrush pens.

William painted every day. For a long time.

These are his results from the week.

We really liked this idea and think each week it will change and they can go back to it each day.

P.S. This was not Landon thing: he was more interested in just playing, typical 3 year old:)


  1. You always come up with such great ideas!

  2. Yeah for Auntie Linda. And Yeah for a wonderful mom who does all to make the boy's life so enriched. Love to all, XXXOOO


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