It was a slow and lazy start. Lots of snuggling, reading, playmobile pirate battles. Drawing, poem writing and

Boat Making.

We had the finishing touches to do to William's Raingutter Boat. Eric and him did the most part but we just added the stickers and name today. It was named
"The Star"

Tonight was the Big Race.
This was mine and Eric's first time doing this so it was a learning experience. William had a good time making the boat, but when it came to the race- he was not happy. He was so disappointed with the way the boat went. It was slow and tipped a bit. He was very sad and I felt so badly for him. I know life has its disappointments but it did break a mother's heart. Eric explained that it was about the project and spending time together making the boat, not so much the race itself.

And how we learn from the experience each time we do something new.

William wasn't quite grasping the whole concept. Hopefully after some sleep his outlook will change because the Pine Wood Derby is next.
This is the one Eric has experience building and knows what to expect.

This could be great if Will will give it a chance.
Only time will tell....


  1. Oh how my heart breaks too. One of the many hard lessons he has to learn. Life's disappointments are so sad. Character is being formed, to bad with such pain. Grammy loves all of you. XXXOOO

  2. Poor guy, but yep it's life, and unfortunately failure is often the best teacher. I hope he will give the derby a chance because like the lotto, you can't win it if our not in it!


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