crafting and bowling

We had a nice morning at home and decided to make magic wands.

We used ribbons and taped them to sticks we found in the yard. 

Thanks to Grammy we had these great yard sticks so we could measure 24 inches out in one shot instead of using just a regular ruler.  It made the task so much more fun.
A quick but fun activity. One that was chosen from this book.

After lunch we were off to meet up with friends we haven't seen in awhile. At the bowling alley.  The boys were so excited.

This was Landon's first time. William had been twice for birthday parties. Mama hadn't been since high school.  My friends and I used to bowl every weekend - not much for teens to do way back then.

Anyways, we all had such a great time.  Just look and see.

Both William and Landon made a couple of strikes and are counting the days until we can go again.

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