The week has been S-L-O-W. Lots of rain.  Some good playing with friends. I am doing my "job" this week. That is, taking care of two extra little bodies.  We have fun although it can be a bit hectic at times.  

Today was a day out in the world.  Landon had a Dr. appointment. Growing healthy and strong. 

We did a bit of shopping, lucky for us a local toy store is going out of business and we got some awesome things. Mostly science kits that we have been wanting of  awhile now.  Plenty to keep us busy for a bit experimenting and learning.

Being so beautiful out finally, we visited the playground and cooled off with ice cream.

A day to  that helped this Mama get a bit re-energized. 

How can sunshine and new stuff at such great deals not get you excited!!!

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