a funny

boys are playing upstairs

I'm in the kitchen cooking --I can hear all that goes on in the hallway from where I am

boys going back and forth to one another's room

knock , knock

"what's the secret password" William shouts

"mango smoothie" Landon replies
door opens and shuts and play continues

lots of banging

I yell up to make sure everything is all right and ask Will to open the door

William says I don't know the secret password so he 's never opening the door

Oh, really, is it MANGO SMOOTHIE

the utter shock on his face was too good not to laugh

"How did you know Mama?'' he asks

Mama is all knowing I say with  a smile....

1 comment:

  1. Ain't that the truth. Mama knows everything all the time. Keep them thinking that as long as you can. What a great story! Love, XXXOOO


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