the family sport

Our skiing season is over. It was one of the best ones we have had since the boys began skiing. 

Eric and I both grew up skiing but neither of our parents did.  So it wasn't really a family affair type of thing. We would go with friends and I usually took lessons with people I didn't know. Although I was with friends I have always looked at skiing as an individual sport.  You go down the mountain at your own speed and kinda can be in your own world.

When the boys started skiing we tried to show them but it was hard.  We put them in a few lessons to learn the basics.  Now they have grown and are doing an amazing job and it truly has become our family sport.  We can ski pretty much any trail together although not everyone wants to all the time so it helps with learning how to compromise. Eric makes going down the mountain so much fun. There are side trails the boys love with jumps and stuff. Eric is always ready with a game of chase, or who can make it under daddy's legs. I tried but my bones wouldn't let me bend that far.

We have had some pretty great conversations going up the chair lifts.  They seem to go on forever. The lifts, I mean.  There have been laughs and tears. I honestly feel that skiing this winter has made our family bond stronger.

I look at skiing much differently now. And I hope that it is a time the boys cherish and enjoy as much as Eric and I do with them.

Until next year......

 photo courtesy of Killington resort


  1. I have always wanted to ski, but I am terrified of heights. The lift scares me. When my girls were little I dreamed of taking them for lessons and either dealing with my fear or having my husband take them. It always seemed like such a great thing to know how to do.

  2. Hi Theresa, Nice to meet you. If you ever get a chance to learn I would take advantage of it. There are smaller trails with no lifts but just a magic carpet that takes you up so you are not in the air.

  3. What a great commentary of family fun, skiing and wonderful parents who spend time with the children. Love to all, XXXOOO


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