music, beach and much more

A morning in the city to hear the symphony
 with friends.

We learned about the 4 groups of instruments and then listened while being entertained to Peter and the Wolf.  The narrator was terrific. He used such unexpected props. A feather duster for the duck, a purse for the cat, a suitcase for the wolf, plungers for the hunters' was so creative and really made one use their imagination while listening for the pieces of music that represented each character. The boys totally loved it.

We then had a bite to eat and since it was so beautiful outside headed to the beach to play and enjoy the afternoon.

Home for a little rest, a game of Blokus- a new favorite- soccer practice for Landon and then off to check out something new.  

BMX track. with racing. oh my.


  1. What a wonderful day! Your pictures are stunning.

  2. What a grand day, culture and beach, rest and play. XXXOOO


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