a cool day with friends

Temps dropped yesterday about 10 degrees from what it had been and there was a cloud cover all day.  A great day to head to the woods for a hike.  

But not before a bit of flurry.  As we anxiously awaited our friends to arrive I was trying to be prepared and have things all set to go. However it backfired and I locked the keys in the car.  Yikes. I began to get really upset and was letting  it be a huge deal.  My friend was so good at helping me not let it upset the day. Go home for the extra key.  But my house keys were also in the car. So I broke into our house. Not so great.  Ugh!
When I finally got into the house I remembered then that we did not have an extra key.  This also was not a huge deal since we have AAA.  So an hour later the car was opened and we just changed our plans a bit. 

We still hiked just not the one we had intended.  The day turned out really nice and I had a reminder to make the best out of the situation, and that not all is going to end due to the  mistakes we make. 

William was also very upset in the beginning but he learned that it can all turn out all right in the end. This is something him and his mama need a little work on. Something we are going to do together. Each and every day.

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  1. Making lemonade out of lemons. I went through a spell of locking the keys in the car once a week for several months. David would leave work and bail me out. Everybody does it. Love, XXXOOO


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