weekending: stream splashing

What fun we had wading in the stream at a nearby park. Even Gritty got to come along and cool off. 

Saturday of the weekend usually includes running around with errands, sometimes people/places to visit, household responsibilities and such.  We have tried to keep Sundays just for us. A day where we can  go somewhere  as a family or just be home hanging out relaxing.

We've consciously been making no plans with others, because, these days are ours. And I am liking it so very much.


  1. The love in your family shines through in every one of your posts. It is beautiful.

  2. "No plans with others because these days are ours." Love it!

  3. Grand time outdoors, water, woods. My favorite. Love that you plan good family time. You'll never be sorry. Love to all the family, XXXOOO


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