drawing tools: natural crayons

 I found these sweet little crayons while placing my drugstore order one day.  They are shaped like rockets and go on so smoothly. They are a mix between soy and beeswax.  They are just the right size for little hands, although I like how they feel in my hands.  They are made in Colorado by Clementine Art. There are more products in their line that we may have to try out soon.

I am in no way shape or form receiving any endorsements for reviewing products. Just want to share the things that we love with others.


  1. Those look like so much fun! Just checked out the rest of the products that Clementine Art has and they all look wonderful! I think we'll have to place an order soon! :)

  2. New art stuff is so fun! The boys are always excited when I come home with something new for art. :) These look really neat!

  3. Nothing like a new box of crayons! Love, XXXOOO


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