late nights and slow days

The past three days seem to have merged all into one.  There has been two full days with a break day in between.  We have swam and then went BMX riding the very same nights.  We checked out a new track one night. There are 4 in our state, so we can essentially race 4 different days a week if we really wanted to.  The boys are just loving this new sport and they are completely exhausted by the time there little heads hit the pillow.  Which is why the day after  becomes a home day with lots of down time.  They play, read, cool off and craft. I picked up some wood kits awhile back and we have been making good use of those. 

I have been having fun watching them, while at the same time I have a great excuse to read. It's not the best place to craft, very dusty, so I have been just sitting and soaking up the last of the days sun and reading.  It actually is quite peaceful, and I just marvel at how much time the boys spend pedaling.  And how much they eat. All night long.


  1. I bet they are having so much fun! That track looks like a great place to ride around. Enjoy that peaceful window, we don't get very many of those!

  2. The track looks great and I am glad you have a few minutes of peace. Love to all, XXXOOO


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