Will's Drawings

I have always believed that art should be something that comes from you. I encourage the boys to draw from their imaginations and create their own ideas. During the Spring I had done quite a bit of reading on how you can teach children to draw and had checked out a few books from the library on art curriculum. Although I did not follow it exactly I tried out some lessons that looked interesting. We focused on the drawing lessons.  It wasn't a pre-made craft but did give step by step directions or ask questions to get them thinking about what to draw. I called it our directed drawing time.  To my surprise they both enjoyed it and made some pretty great drawings.  I worked right along side of them and had fun drawing myself. I guess you would call it a prompt. This will not take over all of our creating time but I think it may be a regular occurrence. I have found several books at the library that have "directed" art lessons that we may use.

So a peek into Will's drawing book.

Self- Portrait
Cross Section of Castle
An imaginary good Alien
An Imaginary Bad Alien

 A Royal Portrait

A Bug's Point of View
Favorite Ice Cream Cone

A Big Bad Bug


  1. How awesome! I LOVE his drawings, especially the bug's eye view.

  2. I agree, his drawings are fabulous, and the bugs eye view is my fave too! :)

  3. Wonderful and creative! I like the ice cream cone. Reminds me of Cubbie's in Punta Gorda. Love XXXOOO


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