designing and creating

The boys have theses great Robin Hood costumes from their wonderful Grammy.

 They have read several different versions of the classic story. Currently One of Landon's favorite is a junior graphic novel. The pictures in the book show Robin with arm cuffs.  Landon decided that he needed some to add to his costume. He raided my felt stash and designed how he wanted them. It only took a half hour or so to make and a wonderful new addition.


  1. how wonderful! Ryan loves Robin Hood and today asked me if we could do a play of Robin Hood. So tomorrow we start writ
    ing our version : )

  2. Love the arm cuffs, who knew. Wonderful job and wonderful mom for allowing Landon to create. Love to all. XXXOOO (Am counting the days til Friday)

  3. Hi Julie,
    Would love to read your version when you are finished. Hope all is well!


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