I am still trying to simplify and declutter. I have been working in the living room and dining room on our books. We LOVE books but sometimes you just need to sort through and organize and let go...

While I have been busy with this project, Landon has had hours of uninterrupted play and has created battles from the revolutionary war( thanks to Liberty Kids program). William has been busy listening to books on CD. He loves a good story. 

Then there has been a few hours spent outside...

Feeling very relaxed and ready to watch a movie and eat popcorn for dinner! (Eric is out for the night)


  1. Wow,I never realized how many books you had! Keep going, all that open space will make you feels so good and light. Most of all, free from stuff just sitting there.

  2. That is a lot of books, which means lots of reading too :) We did a big overhaul on our book collection a few years ago, not easy.

    Love the picture of your boys playing with their cars, my little man loves his cars.

  3. What a great day organizing. Books, books, glorious books. You know what Grampy can never have too many books, blocks, track, tools and Grammy says you can never have too many books, cars, jingle bells, stickers, pencils...Love to all, XXXOOO

  4. I am in the process of doing the same thing but not only with books with all household . Going through lots of stuff. I seem to collect everything. love M


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