paper making

We have decided to start using some science kits this year.  I had bought a few when a local toy store was going out of business and was just waiting for a good time. Will has expressed quite an interest in doing experiments. We took out what we had and have decided that one afternoon a week we will devote to these science kits.  There are 12 sets with three kits each so it will take us through the year. Plus they are anxiously awaiting the kits that Grammy and Grampy bought them for Christmas.  The Magic School Bus kits.  Both sets are from the same company. The Young Scientists Club.  So it all should coordinate beautifully.

The first kit we did was on Recycling. 

Both boys already know so much about the topic but we have never made our own paper before.  It was pretty cool how it all turned out.  I enjoyed making the colored paper and have some ideas for making more and using it for some scrapbooking projects of mine.

The Process:
tearing paper

 soaking paper
 blending it to pulp
 scooping out to dry
spreading out the pulp
soaking up the extra water
making it flat

the results


  1. What a neat kit! Looks like a great way to spend some winter days! :)


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