the boys

Today is our day to stay home and recuperate from our busy weekends. A day to relax, organize and play. I usually have an activity planned in my head that I would like to do with the boys if it seems right. But today they had their own plans, which was perfect. After spending time looking at my scrapbooks,(they wanted to see what exactly mommy did all weekend), they decided it was time for them to work in their books.  They were so excited to be able to crop, stick and write about their lives. I could never get the same amount of enthusiasm if I had made the decision of "we are scrapbooking now".  

 Remember my post last week about letting go. Well when I have days like today it totally reassures me that this it the way for us.  The boys were interested and excited about what they were doing and learning along the way.  I let go of what I had planned.  I went with the flow of the day and it was such a wonderful morning.


  1. Great post. I have missed reading your words!! My youngest just informed me that his favorite things to look at are the few albums I scrapbooked a few years ago and then told me he'd like to try his hand at it. Oh...I am not ready for the mess....but its ok. Breathe!!!

  2. Wonderful day. Children just naturally want to learn and in a relaxed loving environment they will do just that. Good job. Love, XXXOOO


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