snuggling with the past

I love blankets. We have a ton of throw blankets. Ones we snuggle with every day.  Ones that are hidden away in the attic because I haven't had the room to keep them downstairs.  Since we are now spending most weekends in Vermont I have had to come up with bedding for that house. Thankfully those tubs in the attic have been patiently waiting for me.  

They open up the the past. Blankets that have been made over 40 years ago.  They were made when I was born and put away so I would have a wedding gift one day from my Grandma.  And a baby gift for when I had children.  I wonder how my Grandma did it. Making so many blankets while raising 6 kids of her own. And I am not the only one who has benefited from her wonderful crocheting.  I know all of my brothers and sisters and cousins all have a blanket or two from her.  And there are way over 20 grandchildren.

Now her great grandchildren get to use them. A small connection to the Great Grandma they never knew.  I love looking at them on the beds. It brings back memories from my earliest childhood. 

I would like to think one day I could do the same and make blankets for my grandchildren yet to come.   I have never tackled a big blanket. Baby blankets, yes. But big ones will need many hours and lots of time.  I should probably get started now:)


  1. What a lovely gift your Grandma gave you. I remember your wedding shower when your mom brought out the blanket for you. You probably should get started as the years fly by and soon you'll be enjoying your grandchildren as she did and as I do. Thanks for sharing the nice memories. Love you dearly Rose, XXXOOO

  2. Oh, how I love those connections to the past. Your blankets are lovely.

  3. Those are gorgeous! You are a lucky lady. I love the rich colors, and to have them made by your Grandma is just precious.

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments about the blankets. They are pretty fun to snuggle with.


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