my first handmade book

I am trying out some new crafting these days and have decided to try and make a few books for family members.
This is my first attempt and I thought it came out pretty good.

I used three sheets of nice drawing paper, a decorated scrapbook page that I cut to size and glued with adhesive. Then I bound it by making holes with an awl and then sewing with embroidery thread. Finally I added embellishments on the front, spelling out the recipients name. A very simple and quick gift but hopefully something that is useful.


  1. How lovely.

    This weekend I actually sat down to create a little list of handmades for Christmas and handmade notebooks are on the list. Thanks for sharing how you made yours.

  2. Very cool. This idea would work great for art journals for my girls...and we are doing art tomorrow...thanks :)

  3. Lovely. Great idea. Love, XXXOOO


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