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It is Friday night late. Where did my week go? I did not intend to be away from writing all week, but my days have been full and my nights have been to bed early but with many awakenings.  I will do a brief recap of the week.

Monday- A day spent home organizing, and cleaning after being away for 10 days.
Tuesday- Co-op all day long and dealing with crying baby.(not mine, but the sweet girl I babysit) Bed early. I'm sick.
Wednesday- Home. Science. Trip to Mexico through Little Passports. Dealing with crying baby. Finally making a calendar for William. Bed early again.
Thursday- Although still not feeling great, boys need a day out for fun. We go to Jump Zone. A place full of huge blow up obstacle courses. They have a great time. I knit some. Play Skip Bo before bed. Drained by the day and to bed early again.  Landon wakes with a fever.
Friday- Spend 6 hours in the car driving up and back to Vermont. We cleaned the house out of our stuff. Our season rental has come to an end.  Landon and Will listen to stories all day long. Landon goes to bed with a fever and the beginnings of pink eye. Yuck. I watch a movie with E.

I had six hours to think today. I thought of all the things I want to do but never do. I thought of the goals we need to set to get there. I thought of how I need to just get up and do more. I want to make healthy dinners more, I want to exercise more, I want to play more, I want to create more. 
I can get myself into a rut and get grumpy rather easily. Thinking about all the things I do not do. 
Instead I want to focus on the positive. All the wonderful things my life contains.  The only one who can make more happen is myself. I am striving for this and to be content with each moment in life. Knowing that every moment counts and is special in and of itself.

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  1. From my perspective you do quite a bit and then some. I think what you do is wonderful, creative and enriching for your family. All of your family, and that includes us. Thank you Rose for giving so much of yourself to those you love. Love, XXXOOO


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