some things

 Lego Creations done during  Co-op.
 NumberQuest game. Great for learning math skills.
 Gritty having torn her cone apart.
 My little space alien.

 Organizing my collection of cool craft ideas from magazines, all into one book.
My sister on the ground while skiing, making me pee my pants from laughing so hard. She just couldn't get herself up off the ground. And she calls herself a skier:)


  1. Wow! Gritty DESTROYED her cone! Her head looks pretty darn good though!

  2. I thought the same thing about Gritty! She must be so happy that it's gone! :)

  3. She is loving the fact that there is no cone on her head and we love how she no longer is attacking us with it. We head to the Dr's on Friday to find out results and get stitches out.

  4. Good for Gritty. Bad for your sister. Nothing like a good laugh and nothing says it better than wetting your pants. Love to laugh, not so much the wetting of pants. (Been there) Love, XXXOOO


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