The Crown Company

One evening during the dinner hour I was reading from our book Bedtime Stories. The story was about two little children who wanted to do something different during their school holiday. So they thought it would be fun to make surprises for people in their neighborhood and called themselves The Surprise Company. 

As soon as I had finished reading William says "Can we can do something like that?"
"Sure," I reply.

The Crown Company was born. Not sure where they came up with the name but they both liked it.  We made banana bread for our neighbors. I scanned their drawings into the computer and made cute little cards. The boys thought it rather cool to have their very own calling cards.

They had a great time delivering them and trying not to be caught.

1 comment:

  1. Wish I lived in your neighborhood. What a grand idea. Giving to others is a wonderful lesson to learn. You are doing such a great job raising those children. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. XXXOOO


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