the last little bit

It is sad day up here in Vermont. The temps are reaching near 80* and the snow is melting away. This usually doesn't happen until April. But we are getting every last drop that we can. 

Saturday we all participated in the Big Mountain Challenge. It was quite fun. A scavenger hunt of sorts, all across the mountain, against time. The Red Lasers(Eric and Landon)came in second, while the Red Dragons(Will and  I came in third).  We all got medals and some cool ski layers.  

Today the boys and I spent the morning on the mountain, shedding layer after layer. Outerwear was definitely optional.  The snow was soft and slushy. The trails deserted. A pretty peaceful time with my boys. We may only have just a few more days.  Until next year...


  1. Beautiful pictures of you soaking up the last drops! :)

  2. Looks like a great way to end the season!

  3. Congratulations to those great little skiers !!!! What a fun day !

  4. What a way to end the season. Congratulations on winning the races. Love, XXXOOO


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