family car rides

We are here in this place that we know not too much about. There is plenty to see.  We decide to take a ride to a new place just to "check it out". 

The boys don't always love car rides. The first thing they ask is "How long will it be?"  They bring books to read and color, their latest listening CD, a few small toys.  I bring my knitting.

However, as we drive we stare out the window at this wondrous world. There is talk of the houses we see, creaky old barns, mountains shaped like people, animals grazing in fields aplenty. 

We stop to stretch our legs, look at the new places, and eat a meal together.  

We continue on our way.  A children's Atlas that was in the car provides us with ideas.  Will quizzes us on the tree, flower, and bird of every state.  Did you know that MANY states  share the same ones? This made for some silliness.  

Done with quizzing we figure out exactly how many states Mama has been to- not just driving through, they say. I need to have spent time there.  I think it was 25. Not too bad!  

Moving onto a word game. How many words can we make from the word SNOWMOBILE? This was so much fun. Everyone was helping.  It lasted for an hour and we found over 90 words, plus Eric is still going at it. 

At the tail end of the trip, some goofy Gritty songs were sung. She had spent the day in the car with us, but was looking rather anxious to get out.  And she was trying to eat my Coconut Cream Pie I was bringing home for desert.

A day that we weren't necessarily "doing" something but that was full of many happenings. 

Happenings that we shared as a family, filled with laughter, learning and loving.

(I'm going to eat my pie now)


  1. We have same family characteristics indeed. We love discovering some wonderful scenery on our alma-matter that an ordinary inhabitant there haven't seen it. We saw this wonderful view upside the waterfall and it was very wonderful.

  2. Sounds like the best car ride ever! Love, XXXOOO


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