game that Fits

I have been reading quite a few blog posts lately about games and how helpful they are in learning. (Ordinary Life Magic, One Sweet World, The Forest Room) I know this. 

We have a ton of games and yet we still don't use them as often as I would like.  I am trying harder to make it a priority. There are just way too many benefits to playing. Not to mention fun!  

Our newest game, Fits, is quite the brain challenge. You have to fit the small pieces onto a grid so there are no spaces. (Similar to Tetrus) You keep score after each round. There are positive and negative points. 

So we were learning to add positives and negatives, which I had to think about for a moment, since it had been awhile.  I showed them how to use a number line to try it out. All the while William is kinda like "Mom, just get on with it already", but then I find just the two of them playing and Will has used the number line to help keep score.  
Ah, the joy of natural learning:)

They both have beaten their Mama by the landslide, by the way.

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  1. Games, games and more games. I can't wait to play them all. Love, XXXOOO


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