peace, quiet and free to be

Although we haven't been skiing the past few days I still loving being here in Vermont at this house we have rented. We still have it until the end of April and I do hope we come up quite a bit more.  

The days here are just so nice.  It is a slower pace for us. I am not always feeling that I have to do something or be somewhere. Not sure why I can't carry that feeling to our real home.  We have less stuff here and seem to be doing all right.  We have this wonderful big backyard that captures many hours of our attention.  I sit outside with the boys reading, knitting and just listening.  They have gone on so many adventures -it is quite wonderful.  They come in dirty, tired and bursting with stories.  So. Much. Fun.

Eric and I are working towards a place like this. Where no one is around. Where it is quiet. Where there are lots of trees to climb and woods to roam. Where we can see the stars at night. Where we can be at peace. Where we can be free.

We keep on visualizing and hope one day it will be come a reality.


  1. I hear ya loud on clear! Ever since I became a mama I have been longing for something like you described. I miss small town life, where at night it's so peaceful and clear you can see millions of stars. So many wonderful memories of growing up in Bethany. And oh,how I want that for my girls! We often toy with moving to CT or VT. I think we'd be super happy in VT but it would only get us even farther from our family (in CT and NJ). No matter where we end up, I just hope it is in a small town with lots of land! :)

  2. Rose, It will happen! Just keep doing what ever it is you need to do to make it happen. With out risk, it's hard to get the reward. For us it was Addy leaving a secure job and taking the risk of doing it on his own. It was scary as hell, a lean on both houses to make it happen. But it was so worth it! Figure out what needs to be done and well, just do it!


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