new game

We discovered a new game this week.  It was one of our thrifting buys.  I love when I find great things.

The game: Labyrinth.  A game of strategic thinking and mazes. Searching for treasures without your opponents knowing.  Whoever finds all their treasures first is the winner.  The game can change at any moment.  Which is exactly what it did. I had found all but one treasure and Landon was pretty upset by it. He still had five or six to go.. but then it turned around and he ended up winning.  His huge smile was so wonderful.  He was so excited he beat mommy and William.  

We all really enjoyed playing it.  A great way to spend an afternoon.


  1. Isn't it the BEST! My Aunt gave it to my girls for Christmas two years ago. I am not a board game person, but I will play this game anytime, with anyone! Do you have any other favorite games? We are always looking for good ones. Right now we are enjoying Blokus.

  2. Can't wait to play with you! XXXOOO


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