35 weeks

Yep, only 5 more weeks to go. It has gone by way too quickly and I am a little sad about it. I do enjoy being pregnant, although the last few weeks I seem to have gotten HUGE and am having trouble sleeping. The boys have been busy helping organize the room. It's not really a baby's room since he won't be sleeping in there, but that is where his clothes and a few toys and books are. There is also a nice big chair that if we need some quiet time to nurse we can head there.

I am anxious to meet this new little man. It has been almost 7 years since we had such a tiny one in the house. There are going to be so many changes and I am hoping that everyone will adjust OK.  There are still a few things we need to get and I still haven't finished all the knitting that I wanted to do for him. And then there is the fact that he is breech at the moment and we are hoping for a big turn around soon. The next 5 weeks seem to be the busiest for the boys since we have moved here. Skiing, chess and a theater class now. Once the baby is here we are going to be at home a lot so it is good that we get all this business out of our systems. I am looking forward to the days of where we just nurse, sleep and stare at this sweet little man.
Soon, soon, soon!


  1. Wow, that went fast!! You look beautiful.

    Enjoy these last five weeks.

  2. Looking great mama! can't wait to hear the good word of his arrival! Enjoy this last five weeks! XO

  3. We welcomed our third son into the world last week, and I too had been very nervous about the adjustment as our older boys are 9 and nearly 7.

    It has gone beautifully so far though, the older boys are absolutely in love with their baby brother. They are both old enough to understand why the baby needs so much of my time and attention and they have also been very big helpers.

    I'll be wishing you an easy adjustment too filled with lots of love and snuggle time!


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