oh how the weather changes

Tuesday we awoke to a nice soft snow that was great to play in. Temps were cold in the morning, but by nightfall they had begun to warm up.

Wednesday and now today temps are in the 50's. All the snow melted away. The river was frozen over but now gushes full of water. The boys have spent many hours excavating rocks and throwing sticks in to see where they may go. The winds are howling.

It feels good to get the fresh air in my face. We spent time working on some activities but are taking advantage of this warmer weather, as tomorrow the temps will fall back down.

The discovery of the week was a huge fox's den. Thanks to some tracks in the snow and Jaxson's nose. I love the excitement in the boys' eyes when we we find things like this in our woods. This had been one of the best things of moving here. Being able to be free in the woods and all the signs of wildlife we have  seen. We are keeping track of it all in  our nature journals.

It is a peaceful day and I am well rested. What more can I ask for?


  1. A fox's den, how cool!!! We have had some stranger temperature days too, everything is a big wet muddy mess right now. The fresh air still feels good though.

  2. I live in NJ. We didn't get snow, but we did get some warm days! Discovering a fox's den is so cool!!!

  3. Fox's den! How marvelous for all of you. Enjoy! xxxooo


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