odds and ends
thoughts that have crossed my mind
each one not enough for its own post
but giving you a small glimpse 
 into the daily life of ours
* The weather had warmed up a bit but now the cold temps are back- 8* and suppose to be getting lower as the week goes on.*

* Found that taking Jaxson for a walk right after breakfast is the best thing for all of us. He runs around like a crazy dog, then we come in and he crashes and is a pretty well behaved dog for the rest of the day.*

* It takes me almost 15 minutes just to get everyone dressed and ready to head out into the cold these days. We have to bundle up tight. I especially seem to have a hard time. My belly gets in the way while trying to put on snow pants and boots.*

* Been finding lots of neat tracks while out in woods. Love learning about what is living around us.*

* The boys have been building a blacksmith camp under the pine tree grove.* 

* Finding that I need to do all my active things in the morning, by mid-afternoon I am really tired.*

* Back to my knitting. Working hard on a few things for baby and finished up a few baby gifts recently.*

* Been baking almost every day. William made apple crisp yesterday by himself.*

* Everyone is getting excited for Grammy and Grampy's visit in a few weeks. They are coming to help when the baby is born. Yeah!*

* Been getting up earlier since the light is coming back and it has made a huge difference in my days.*

* Love listening to my boys play and create make believe worlds together.*

* Wishing you a  lovely week, wherever it may take you. *


  1. Lately this is how my mind works, in fragments. Your fragments posts inspired me to start writing down the bits and pieces in several little mini notebooks I keep, so whether I'm nursing the baby in the early morning, baking bread in the afternoon, or finishing up a bedtime story in the living room I have a place to quickly jot down the thoughts I want to remember.

  2. I love reading your fragments, the days events and little snippets of what is going on. Thanks for sharing. We love all of you dearly, XXXOOO


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