Landon Creates

Unfortunately, Landon had a fever this morning with a bit of  a cough. He was not able to go to ski club today. He was a bit disappointed but then got over it as we talked what simple and quiet activities we could do at home.

We snuggled and read lots of books, rested in bed, took a hot bath, played quietly and created! Lots.
Perler beads, painting and inventing cars. He probably could have kept on going but the art area is in the basement and we were getting a bit cold. No heat down there. This is the point when he went up to take a hot bath. It was a quiet day. Just what he needed to begin to feel better. He went to bed easily and with the cough still, but hoping he has a quick recovery.


  1. Hope Landon feels better today! Wonderful creating time for him. Love how you love and care for your family. As always great job Rose. Love, XXXOOO


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