We awoke to a -14 degree temp today. Everyone was slow to get out of bed. We needed to head into Burlington today for the boys' theater practice. I found a local yarn and fabric store to browse my time away. Then headed back to watch the boys for the last few minutes.

Once we were home we all decided a good snuggle in bed was appropriate. Dog and all.

Then the boys played the rest of the afternoon away while I made soup and bread for dinner. The perfect meal to warm our tummies on such a wintry day.
Hoping  for a little bit warmer temps as the week goes on.


  1. BRRRR! Love the soup and bread. Both look delicious. I can almost hear the fire and smell the bread. XXXOOO

  2. Oh we are so cold here too...light at the end of the tunnel though, warm temps by the weekend. Your dinner looks delish.

  3. What kind of soup is that? It looks fabulous (the bread too).
    We have been in frigid temps here this week as well. It's a good excuse for cuddle time and not much else. Stay warm!

    1. It is a tomato soup with shell pasta added to it. I have just started to make my own bread(without a machine) and this is a pretty easy one and so far so good.


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