a little bit sneaky

Years ago I had browsed through this book at the library. I wasn't overly impressed because I wanted my boys to like vegetables and know it. And I wasn't too sure how spinach would taste in brownies.

During the summer our library was having weekly drawings for cookbooks. I put my name in and won the book.

Now since Harkin really isn't into eating a ton of veggies, I gave it a second thought.  The recipes look good and there really is only a small amount of puree in each recipe. This past week we gave the pumpkin french toast a try. All the boys loved it. It was made again later in the week. I was not being sneaky, however, they knew it was in there. But they already like pumpkin.

There are several others I would like to try, especially with the winter squash and sweet potatoes. Those are a few veggies I can't get anyone to eat so sneaking them into recipes is the way I just have to go. We'll see how it turns out.

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