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This fall seems to find us wanting to try out so many activities. We are trying our best to get onto a regular routine and rhythm with our days. Some days go better than others. I am not always a morning person so that can throw us off a bit. Then it all depends on just what life brings our way that day.

A few things we are trying out:

William is participating in a photo contest, so he is always thinking of photos to take and where he should take them. We are trying a few online classes. Landon is taking a series of classes about the History of Weapons. He sits in on the class and then afterwards I am thinking of having him write a brief report about the weapons of that day.  They both are taking Taekwondo online. We were going to do a real live actual class but scheduling it in with soccer was just not going to happen. So this works. We are at home, it is a live video and if they have questions they can chat with the teacher.  We have our bi-monthly artist class here with all of our friends. We are joining in on a few field trips, plus hoping to take a few on our own. We read constantly, with a trip to the library once a week. There will be guitar, archery and horseback riding lessons.  A book group and robotics class. Mama might even try TaiChi. And the boys are desperately looking forward to trying out this freestyle class that will help them with their ski tricks.

My father always said if you want something done, give it to a busy person. I decided to have a packed fall because once January comes around we are going to hibernate and enjoy our newest bundle of joy.

With all this we still manage to be home for afternoon nap and rest. We don't want to rock Harkin's world too much. Not to mention we all need the down time. We can nap, read, or create as long as no one wakes the baby.

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  1. Sounds like a busy, fun fall. Enjoy it all. The winter sounds wonderful too. Love to all, XXXOOO


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