riding lessons

We headed to the big red barn for the boys' first riding lesson.  This is something they have been wanting to do forever. They are learning about the care and cleaning of the horse as well as the actually riding.  We will be spending two hours there each time. While waiting, Harkin and I spent time outside and checking out the other horses. He loves them, but from afar. I think it is pretty cool. I would love to learn along side of them if circumstances were a bit different, but I actually wouldn't change what is happening in our life for a minute. So it is all good.


  1. How exciting! What a wonderful experience for them. Cute photo of Harkin watching from afar :)

  2. I would love lessons too. Have wanted to ride ever since I was a little girl. Maybe someday.....
    Enjoy this time. There is something magical about a horse and the smell of a barn. Makes Tuesdays my favorite day of the week!

  3. Where is Harkin's horse? The boys look so big. Wonderful experience for them. Love to all, XXXOOO


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