It's been awhile since I have written one of these posts. I was reading through past ones and decided I really like them. They are just little moments of our past week that I want to remember. Things that make me smile and sometimes those that don't, but that is where we were at at that moment.

*Guitar is going well for Landon. I love listening to him practice. Such a sweet noise.*

*Harkin has learned the word "mine". Cute but also not.*

*The weather has been a bit on the chili side and we had our first fire tonight since I was so cold after Will's game. My husband is so sweet.*

*I was sick in bed for a day. The boys were amazing. They took care of the house and Mama and Harkin.*

*Knitting every day which just makes my day.*

*Every morning when Harkin wakes up, the first thing he does is call Wu Wu(William) and Chi Chi(Landon), while banging on his door. He wants them to come play with him. They are not always awake yet, but then they are.*

*My husband is the silliest man I know. Every night at dinner he makes the evening so much fun for the boys. They so look forward to it.*

* Made fried chicken tacos one night for dinner and the food hadn't gotten to the table before everyone was eating them. They said this was one of the best dinners I make. Even Harkin was eating one.*

*William told me today he wants to open and run a dessertery. You know a bakery but just with sweets.*

*Huge puzzle mania going on right now. There has been one done every day and then we started a 500 piece together.*

*Working hard on getting lots of rest and sleep.*

With that I am off to sleep. Early games tomorrow.

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  1. Love these posts too. A dessertery? What a wonderful idea. Can't wait to hear Landon play the guitar again. Harkin, wait till Grammy comes to play with you. Eric was always entertaining at dinner sometimes cute and sometimes not so much. Glad you are finding time to knit. Love to all, XXXOOO


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