The Children's Hour

We have been having some difficulties during that time right before dinner. You may know it as The Children's Hour.
Somehow I either start to get frustrated with the boys or they begin getting on one another nerves. We have tried plenty of things- running around outside, quietly reading books or playing alone in our rooms. Still they manage to bug one another.
My latest attempt- giving each of them jobs.
Landon sets the table- napkins, silverware, candle, and any other little things he can carry.
He is satisfied and then heads off to play for a few minutes while dinner is cooking.
William has started to help with the preparations. He loves chopping vegetables. Since that is a staple with our meals, I think I have him occupied for awhile.
It works. Plus they are learning valuable life skills.


  1. I have always found giving them jobs when they are in one of those moods helpful and restores balance :). I call it bringing back positive energy to the house and family. : )

  2. I did it again - it is weird how it comes up as Anthony sometimes


  3. What a wonderful idea. Never to young to learn and help. Aren't you the most creative mother ever?!!! XXXOOO

  4. Aww yes, dinner time...we have these times here as well. Being helpful works well. It changes their mood because they feel so empowered, and need and contributing member of the tribe. That said, my guys, are over that, and so we have Children's hour. But you know what? One day I will miss the noise and the silence will be deafening.


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