One of my favorite times of the day is when we sit down and draw together. It is so relaxing. We try every day to draw. We all have our own sketch book. We have a nice variety of drawing media.
There are days the boys run to the table and just draw. I have always impressed upon them that it is fun just to draw and not to worry what the picture is, and not to ask someone else what it is, but rather ask if they want to talk about their drawing. I have modeled this by making swirls all over my paper.
Then there are days when they sit for awhile thinking, planning their drawings. Sometimes they flip through their pages to get inspiration. We talk often about how to find inspiration in nature or an event in our life.
It is such a creative time in our day. I love watching their purposeful little faces as they make marks and add color to the paper. And they make the sweetest comments to one another about their drawings.
Some examples of when they wanted to describe their drawings.
The Farm- William

The Outside World-William

Ice Cream in Sandbox-Landon



  1. Whew! You all have been busy since my last visit! loved reading and seeing all that you have done. Man, I love kid's drawings. The are always just so perfect.

  2. An original William and an original Landon. Today the blog tomorrow the Met. Love each one. XXXOOO


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