Dragon Party

We only do parties every three years. So I said to William he could choose a theme and we would come up with all the ideas. We thought a lot about it and ended up with some really fun games.

Pin the Dragon in the cave.

We read Max's Dragon Then every child made their own dragon scene out of wool roving and felt.

Hunting for Knights- because dragons eat knights of course.

Fire breathing dragon ball. The dragons had to throw their "fire"(ball) at another child. Then they were out.

William had such an amazing time.
I really enjoyed planning the party and doing it all ourselves.
Thanks to all the kind words that the moms had to say about the party.
I felt it was a success but it is always nice to receive a nice compliment.

1 comment:

  1. I am so very impressed with the theme and execution of it. Your children's imagination is glorious. I have never met anyone with such vivid imaginations as your children (the perfect grandchildren). You have set a life long gift in each of your children. Thank you for all the creative adventures they enjoy. Love, XXXOOO


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