the weekend

What a productive and physically active weekend it was.
There was soccer Saturday morning. William so looks forward to every game.
Landon loves to get dressed in his uniform too. (something Eric bought in Ireland last year) He wants to be just like William.

Followed by a trip to the Farmers Market. The boys wanted to stay with dad this time so I got to taste and enjoy each farmers stand alone. Not too many vegetables yet but all the local dairy, meats and treats are great to get. I bought a steak for dinner. Knowing the farmer who raised the cow is somehow makes it taste better. As William likes to say"Daddy makes the best steak ever!"

Of course there was playing in the sand. The boys kept an eye on dad while he built a cover.
All in all, the sandbox was cheaper to build and bigger than the ones you can buy in a catalog. And so much better since daddy built it. It is a wonderful addition to our backyard and has been used every day since its creation. Listening to the boys talk and build together always puts a smile on my face.

Then there was family movie night.
Early Sunday morning construction.
Homemade Granola for William's instructors from Nature class. Today was the last day.
We also had a family bike ride which felt good but really took it out of me. I had a little passenger behind me who loved to "help" mommy up the hills. Landon would huff and puff all the way up and then say"that was hard work". William did an awesome job. We are hoping to go a few times a week. Maybe even to a destination that might include some melting dairy products. aka ice cream


  1. Hey guys - love the blog! what a great way to keep up with you guys ... i think the movie night pic is our favorite - such a classic paulson activity!!! JCP

  2. The whole weekend sounds lovely to me!

    We have a deluxe icecream shop down the road.

  3. What a grand weekend, games, sand, movies and popcorn! Yippee! XXXOOO


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