Party Crafting

This was the year of Birthday parties. It only happens every 3 years so it is a pretty big deal. William chose Dragons.
We try to craft many of the goodies and games.
Dragons are hard.
We decided to combine Dragons and Flag day.

First we made the bags.
Landon was always willing to help.

A pin, pencil, fruit leather, 2 lollipops, a dragon, and our Dragon beanbags we made.
Plus every child received a knight and a special treasure rock from the games we played.
Our Dragon beanbags.
William helped cut, stencil and fill with beans.

Again Landon lending a helping hand.
Cleaning up beans that spilt.

We had a nice time getting everything ready. William was proud to help and it felt so much more personal that he had a hand in what he was going to give his friends.

1 comment:

  1. I am astonished at the wonderful crafting and readiness activities for the party. But on second thought I am not surprised, for these children truly have creative, fun, and loving parents. Thank you, what a delight. (Bet you are still finding beans on the floor) Bravo and good work to William and Landon. Love, XXXOOO


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