We are spending the week learning how to use the toilet. Let me tell you a little story.

Sun shines through the window. We wake and jump out of bed to greet the day.
"It's time to get dressed," Mama says.
"Wow, look at all this underwear! You can pick any one you want."
William joins in. "How about Cars?, or Madagascar?, even Spiderman?. You have so many neat pairs."
"I am not wearing underwear!" Landon shouts. "Put a diaper on me now!"
Calmly Mama responds " We are wearing underwear today. You can chose a pair or I will."
"I am not wearing underwear!" Landon persists.
"O.K. you can go naked then."Mama smiles. "When we leave to bring William to camp I will put a diaper on."
This satisfies him for awhile and Landon spends some time running naked. As he sits down to eat breakfast he apparently doesn't like the feel of the chair on his hiney.
"Please put something on me?" Landon asks Mama.
"You can wear your pants." Mama replies.
Again we are happy for a bit. As we are getting our shoes on to leave- Landon suddenly remembers the Diaper.
"You said you would put a diaper on me." He says.
"Fine" Mama replies.
Mama really thought he would have forgotten. However, it turned out to be a good thing because there were a ton of errands to do. Finally at home Landon's diaper is sagging.
"I need to be changed." Landon states.
"How about we just take it off. No underwear, just your pants" Mama suggests.
This works. There's playing outside, dinner, and shower. Bedtime.
Landon comes happily into his room and picks out underwear. "I want to wear these to bed"
What to do. All day Mama has tried. Now he wants to wear it.
To bed.
Go with it!
And guess what?
Landon wakes up dry. And ready for another day of underwear.Yeah!
So we read books while we wait for the pee and poop to come. We have a few accidents. We try all the different kinds of underwear. And we only asked for the diaper once. We will make it through.
And we are so very excited to flush it all down the toilet.


  1. Congratulations to Landon! Job well done Mama! Love the underwear. That's what summer is all about, running naked for a little while. Another milestone in your lives. Grand just grand. Love, XXXOOO


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