The Three L's

An old friend has resurfaced.

Several months ago I started The 3 L's with William. After our story at night I would snuggle with him and ask about the day.

What made him Laugh?

What did he Learn?

What happened that was Loving?

It was going fine for awhile and then one night he decided he was done.
I was a little saddened as I felt this was a great way to end our day. However I wasn't going to push him.

Two nights ago, Will says "We have to do The 3 L's tonight!"

I was simply delighted.

It opens our minds and hearts to such wonderful discussions. There not long ones. Just simply little snippets of the day. I have to say mine also. It helps us remember how we felt throughout the day.

When we can't think of anything then we tell ourselves that tomorrow needs to be a better day.

I try not to let this happen. There should be no days in our lives that we don't laugh or show our love, and of course we are always learning in everything we do.

William is really excited about The 3 L's at the moment. He asked to share with Landon also.

I'll take it for now and hope it lasts for a long time to come.

My Sweet William

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  1. I laughed at a face Grampy made. I learned to make a new pie. I love reading this blog and the people in it! Thanks for such a great blog for us to read. Love, XXXOOO


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